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Bestime is a printing company which was founded in 1998 and based in Shenzhen, China. Bestime had positioned itself to fine printing and based itself on high standard in a bid to meet and go beyond customers' expectation from the beginning of its founding. Technically, it took image processing as its core technology and fostered a galaxy of high-caliber professionals; In terms of service, it has been keeping to the concept of customer foremost and seeking for maximization of customers'  interests through meticulous services.

Since establishment, Bestime has printed more than 60,000 titles and more than 300 million volumes, and provided high-caliber printing services to nearly 50,000 artists, over 230 publishing houses, nearly 100 domestic and overseas museums, art galleries and memorial halls, as well as art and business customers of nearly 30 countries.

In 2006, Bestime became China's first printing standardization base as it was recognized by the government competent authority as a "Base for Application, Research and Popularization of Chinese Printing Standardization Technology". The building of the base is attributable to customers' sincere support over the past years, the result of Bestime's long efforts in quality improvement and customer satisfaction, as well as the recognition of Bestime's industry role and printing art level by all social circles.

In the future, Bestime will keep making improvements, commit itself to providing domestic and overseas customers with more comprehensive and excellent services, and work continuously for the maximization of customers'  interests.

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